My Dirty List of Fandom Confessions

Look guys, I have been a geek before conception – the nerdy community is the only world I have ever known. I’ve been going to conventions since I was nine and I honestly don’t know any other sort of environment, even with all the inevitable changes that have occurred in the geek world over the years. I don’t feel like I need to prove my geekyness by any means, but I definitely have some…confessions to get off my chest. 

I’ll be the first to admit that everyone is different and opinions are opinions! But there are some nerdy things that I feel are universal with everyone I have ever met – except for me.

So! To spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to list some abnormal, possibly straight up “unpopular”, fangirl confessions: 

Doctor Who - Van Gogh

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Summer 2017 Goals

BOY it’s been a wild year so far…I can’t believe it’s almost June? There’s been so much happening lately that I keep forgetting to blog about. A few weeks ago, I went to Havencon in Austin, one of my favorite small conventions to visit and support! It’s a LBGT-focused nerd con that just finished it’s third year and has probably the nicest crowd of geeks I’ve ever encountered. (Three Words: Cosplay. Drag. Show).

Then I went into con crunch mode for the first time, making props for the first time, for Comicpalooza this past weekend! I hung out with the creator of Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe (which you should ALL read RIGHT. NOW) and I feel like we are basically best friends now. (He signed my shield, so it’s official.)

(Left: My Asami at Havencon // Right: Rat Queens debut at Comicpalooza!)

Can we take a moment to appreciate my cosplay partner-in-crime RenFamous? She built most of her Hannah in a hotel out of state while on a work trip. Hashtag motivation goals.

In addition to all that, this past weekend was one of my favorite non-cosplay related events, Eurovision! It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and everything has just flown by over my head. Whew!

One change this year – I’m not going to my regular summer conventions. I actually feel zero guilt about skipping AKon or AFest this year (they’ve started to just blend together in my head?), and I probably won’t go to a convention until Labor Day Weekend. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s strange, these are conventions I haven’t skipped ever since I first went to them – so, like…7 years? Gosh. 

But! This means I have an ENTIRE summer open for me to do other things! I’ve seen other bloggers make “Monthly Goal Posts” – I had so much going on, I didn’t feel a need to do it monthly. Instead, here are some goals I have for the summer that I hope to accomplish!

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Why I’m Glad I Was Able To Stop Being “Anti-Girly Girl”

There are so many things in my life that remind me of my childhood – which may be deliberate, since I am still a Big Kid™ in most aspects of my life (Thanks, Dad!) I was looking into buying some retro consoles, which got me thinking about my old NES and Sega Genesis. Then my mind started wandering to other memories and how I ended up the person I am right now. That’s a vague and vast topic for one blog post, but one portion stuck out to me.

My early childhood was predominately 90s. Which, I have to say, was an awesome time to be a kid. We had the Disney Renaissance, the best toys, and those video games I want to play again! My parents divorced when I was really young and I ended up living most of the time with my dad – he didn’t grow up with girls, so he couldn’t help but influence me to like the sort of “boy things” he had as a kid. I do still remember the bright blue and pink aisles at Toys R Us, as well as lots of toy commercials with only boys or only girls, but honestly? My interests were pretty balanced in “gendered” topics. I loved glittery pink pegasus toys and I also really loved Mortal Kombat. I really wanted to be a mermaid or a faerie, but I also wanted to swordfight. I have zero memory of being told what or what not to like as a kid. 

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The All-Time “Toughest” Disney Tag

I can’t believe it’s already April?! I’m happy to say I’ve been finding a balance between working on upcoming projects and just doing nothing all weekend when I can. Life has been pretty content, and while I continue to explore every inch of Breath of the Wild, I didn’t want to forget this corner of the internet that is my blog!

I recently found the cutest Disney blog, Courage and Kindness, and found this Disney related questionnaire – I’ve seen plenty of Disney tags before, all with the same ol’ questions, but this one is different! 

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Cosplay Breakdown – Belldandy Research Log!

Now that Pax South is over and I’ve had a bit of a chill break, I’m itching to start sewing. Even though I have a list of cosplays I want to make, none of them are inspiring me enough to start on! I’ve been watching a lot of Katsucon footage, which is always my go-to for cosplay inspiration, and over the course of a few days I have concluded the following:

I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head from any current shows/games, and I started to think back to the designs I loved from my first introduction of manga (CLAMP artbooks, ect). But, I started to get worried that those gowns I loved when I was twelve was just too “old school” and wouldn’t be recognized. Then, on a wildly productive and slightly non sober Monday night, the gears in my head started going crazy. She was the very first entry on my Dream Cosplay List and now, I’m about to make my thirteen-year-old self very very happy. I’m going to make Belldandy

I’m excited to finally chronicle an entire cosplay from start to finish, but first we have to make a plan!

Belldandy Goddess Cosplay Research

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