About Peony


tumblr_nppc46lAhw1qgh7nro1_500Hi! I’m really excited that you’ve stumbled onto my blog!

I am a microbiology graduate in the Houston area who has been cosplaying/attending conventions for close to 10 years and has been geeking around since Day One. My dad showed me anime and sci fi when I was in elementary school and I took Halloween super serious before ever hearing the word “cosplay”. The geek community is the only one I’ve ever really known, so this blog is my little area to talk about fandom stuff, be creative and help others enter the world of conventions and nerdom!

Here on Call Me Peony, you’ll find cosplay tips and tricks, free printables and downloads to geek up your life, breakdowns of how I made my cosplays, crafty tutorials, fangirlly thoughts on current events, a little bit of life advice and some of my daily adventures sprinkled in between. I’m excited to share my passion with fellow geeks in a community that is constantly changing and growing bigger!

I believe we are all the protagonist of our own epic saga – this is my story!

Here are some random facts about me:

  • My nickname “Peony” came from a Lord of the Rings hobbit name generator
  • My dad has been taking me to comic conventions with him for business since I was very little – he used to work for Lucasfilm!
  • I’ve been in love with Avatar – The Last Airbender since it originally aired (ten years ago!) I even have a webcomic!
  • My mom lived in San Francisco for most of my childhood/teen years and I spent many summers there. I have a huge soft spot for it!
  • I love being in nature, either in forest hiking trails or anywhere near the ocean.
  • I’m obsessed with shoujo anime – this blog’s color scheme is Sailor Jupiter themed!
  • Before I went into science, I wanted to be an animator at Pixar.
  • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with embracing your inner child on a daily basis – the more glitter, the better.

Thanks for hanging out with me today – let’s go on an adventure!