How I Saved $60 On My Officer Jenny Cosplay

Hello everyone! I just got back from Animefest Dallas this past weekend, where I debuted a new cosplay – Officer Jenny! I’m really excited to have finished this one, especially with Pokemon Go on my brain. There were a lot of Pokemon related cosplays at this con and it was nice to have a cosplay that was always going to be recognizable and popular throughout the years. She is a classic!

A while back, I wrote up a blog post about saving money on cosplay – which has become my most visited/popular post! I didn’t want to just give advice blindly, so I told myself I would actually show you guys what I meant with the next cosplay I started. I feel like reading and seeing an example of something working can be really helpful!

So I tried my best to catch as many sales, dig up old gift cards and held onto every receipt along the way. I then put everything together in Excel and did some math. By using the suggestions I mentioned, I saved $59.17 on my Officer Jenny cosplay. Let me tell you how I did it!

This cosplay is actually kind of simple when you break it down! The majority of my supplies came from one big Jo-Ann’s trip, so let’s look at that first. There are a lot of colors because there are a lot of numbers! For reference, BLUE is the original price, GREEN is what I paid, and RED is how much I saved.


  • 3 Yards of Main Blue Fabric: Normally on sale for $9.99, 40% off.
    • ORIGINAL: $26.97
    • ON SALE: $18.87
    • SAVED: $8.10
  • 1/2 Yard of Light Blue Fabric: Not on sale
    • ORIGINAL: $4.00
    • ON SALE: —
    • SAVED:
  • Red Fabric Remnant (cuffs): Remnants are pieces of fabric, less than a yard, always 50% off
    • ORIGINAL: $6.29
    • ON SALE: $3.15
    • SAVED: $3.14
  • Red Bias Tape: Not on sale
    • ORIGINAL: $2.49
    • ON SALE: —
    • SAVED:
  • Gold Buttons: Not on sale.
    • ORIGINAL: $1.60
    • ON SALE: —
    • SAVED:

In addition, because I was signed up to get coupons in the mail, I had a 20% off coupon for my entire order – most coupons won’t work with items that are already on sale, but this sort of coupon applies to both sale and not-on-sale items! So let’s add up the colors so far:

WHAT I WOULD HAVE PAID: $41.35     WHAT I ACTUALLY PAID: $30.11     I SAVED: $11.24

So then, the 20% off coupon was scanned, taking 20% off of the $30.11 total. This took an additional $6.02 off my purchase. Now my total so far is

WHAT I WOULD HAVE PAID: $41.35     WHAT I ACTUALLY PAID: $24.09     I SAVED: $17.26

See what happens when you use coupons and plan around sales?? That’s almost half off in savings!

Let’s break down the remaining purchases:

  • Butterick Top Pattern: On sale for $1.99.
    • ORIGINAL: $17.95
    • ON SALE: $1.99
    • SAVED: $15.96
  • 2 Zippers: $1.99 each with a 25% off Michael’s coupon.
    • ORIGINAL: $3.98
    • ON SALE: $2.99
    • SAVED: $0.99
  • Conductor Hat Base: Used an old Walmart gift card
    • ORIGINAL: $22.99
    • ON SALE: $0
    • SAVED: $22.99
  • Ferrari Wig from Arda: Used some frequent buyer points to knock a bit off (of course, they had a big sale right after I ordered. However I love Arda, and I feel my wig was still worth the money!)
    • ORIGINAL: $35.00
    • ON SALE: $33.03
    • SAVED: $1.97
  • Purse from Forever 21
    • ORIGINAL: $15.90
    • ON SALE: —
    • SAVED:
  • White Gloves From Party City
    • ORIGINAL: $5.40
    • ON SALE: —
    • SAVED:

NOW let’s add everything together to the final Jo-Ann purchase calculations:

WHAT I WOULD HAVE PAID: $142.57     WHAT I ACTUALLY PAID: $83.40     I SAVED: $59.17

Everything that was not included were things I already owned – my heels, belt, hot glue gun, craft foam and interfacing. The numbers are a bit inaccurate, since I didn’t include tax or shipping in some of them (aka I forgot) – still, I think my point still stands!

So I was able to make a quality cosplay I was proud to wear while saving $60 along the way! I did this 100% by planning ahead.

  • I broke down the separate parts I needed
  • I waited until the things I needed went on sale
  • I used my 20% off coupon on a day I would buy the most things on sale
  • I started months ago, letting myself buy each piece at the cheapest time instead of paying full price in order to complete the cosplay in time
  • I used gift cards that I reserved for basic cosplay items I couldn’t find in store

Like all hobbies, cosplay requires time and money. But there are ways to make your wallet less upset! I hope you all are able to use these tricks on your future cosplays – a few bucks here and there don’t seem like much, but as you can see, it adds up in the end!

Do you have any money saving tricks when it comes to cosplay? Let me know in the comments!