My Ultimate Dream Cosplay List

Every cosplayer – no matter how long they’ve been cosplaying or what skill they’re at – has at least one costume that they have been wanting to emulate before they even knew what cosplay was. Maybe it’s a character from their childhood or someone that was beyond the skill of a beginner cosplayer. I’ve never met anyone immune to this, and it’s super fun seeing friends make their dreams come true and cross that character off their list.

Normally it’s something you think about when you first get into cosplay, and then totally forget! Your skills grow and you learn new tricks and suddenly hey – that dream cosplay isn’t so intimidating anymore! So here is my Dream Cosplay list if I had unlimited time and money – in no particular order!


Belldandy – Ah! Megami Sama!


Ah! Megami Sama! was one of the first mangas I ever stumbled onto when I was in junior high (and I can’t believe it lasted almost 26 years!) and the style really influenced my own artwork style. I’m a sucker for flowy, dreamy fabrics and Belldandy’s classic Goddess outfit has always been gorgeous to me. I never tried cosplaying her when I first started out because her wig really scared me – but these days long ponytail wigs aren’t so hard!


Princess Zelda – Ocarina of Time


I loveeee the Legend of Zelda series and I LOVEEE Zelda herself! Her Twilight Princess outfit was always appealing to me and was a Dream Cosplay for a long time because of how realistic it looked. But there were a lot of elements I didn’t really like, but I always wanted to do some sort of version of Zelda. I really like her OoT outfit, and I think it’s just perfect for my skill level right now.

Umi Ryuuzaki – Magic Knight Rayearth


Another old school series from my youth! This was my gateway manga into the world of CLAMP, and I’ve always loved Umi’s design and water motif. I think having her school uniform would be fine without a group rather than any of the artbook outfits. It would have to be for a colder con, and most people might not know who I am, but it’ll be done one day!


Sailor Jupiter – Princess Gown

Ahhh I’m a sucker for pretty princess fabric! Really I would love to any of the Sailor Princesses, but I have to go with my patron girl, Jupiter (I look good in green, okay?) The layers to this dress look crazy but a fun challenge, and since I really have no desire to make a Sailor Scout uniform, this is a good way to cosplay Jupiter without losing my mind.


So what’s on your Dream Cosplay list? Let me know below!