Summer 2017 Goals

BOY it’s been a wild year so far…I can’t believe it’s almost June? There’s been so much happening lately that I keep forgetting to blog about. A few weeks ago, I went to Havencon in Austin, one of my favorite small conventions to visit and support! It’s a LBGT-focused nerd con that just finished it’s third year and has probably the nicest crowd of geeks I’ve ever encountered. (Three Words: Cosplay. Drag. Show).

Then I went into con crunch mode for the first time, making props for the first time, for Comicpalooza this past weekend! I hung out with the creator of Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe (which you should ALL read RIGHT. NOW) and I feel like we are basically best friends now. (He signed my shield, so it’s official.)

(Left: My Asami at Havencon // Right: Rat Queens debut at Comicpalooza!)

Can we take a moment to appreciate my cosplay partner-in-crime RenFamous? She built most of her Hannah in a hotel out of state while on a work trip. Hashtag motivation goals.

In addition to all that, this past weekend was one of my favorite non-cosplay related events, Eurovision! It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and everything has just flown by over my head. Whew!

One change this year – I’m not going to my regular summer conventions. I actually feel zero guilt about skipping AKon or AFest this year (they’ve started to just blend together in my head?), and I probably won’t go to a convention until Labor Day Weekend. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s strange, these are conventions I haven’t skipped ever since I first went to them – so, like…7 years? Gosh. 

But! This means I have an ENTIRE summer open for me to do other things! I’ve seen other bloggers make “Monthly Goal Posts” – I had so much going on, I didn’t feel a need to do it monthly. Instead, here are some goals I have for the summer that I hope to accomplish!

> Relearn Japanese

I took Japanese in high school, although I only did the basics. I didn’t continue into the classes where English was banned from being spoken. I still remember some things and I do remember picking it up pretty well, so why not pick back up? I’m a bit jealous of my bi/trilingual coworkers and I’m diving back into my interest of everything Japanese. I don’t expect to ever be fluent, but I have the time and I’m doing it for fun, so I’m ecstatic to have the motivation to take it head on!

> Reorganizing my living space

Following my first goal, I found myself a few weeks ago drowning in Japanese vlogs, especially apartment tours. Japanese apartments have small spaces, but every inch has a purpose and is used efficiently. This is so appealing to me! When your room is a workstation, a bedroom, and a craft room, you have to stay on top of clutter and disorganization. The problem this entire time has been my closet and my bathroom – there’s LOTS of space to put extra things out of the way, but I’m not using it to its full advantage! So it’s time to throw out stuff I haven’t touched in 10 years and make good use of every inch of space. (Plus, excuses to go to the Japanese dollar store for cute storage bins!)

> Starting a skin care routine

I’m lucky that on my face, my skin is virtually clear. (It’s below the neck that’s the problem, but that has been getting better!) And to be honest, I don’t do anything to my face to keep it clear – I just wash my makeup off every night. I figured that all these toners, moisturizers and other supplies was just unneeded chemicals on my face – but! I don’t want to take my clear skin I have NOW for granted. So I’m going to start researching products and experimenting to have a preventative routine. I should take better care of my skin, even if it looks okay now.

> Use PTO for an *actual* vacation!

It’s really convenient to take off Friday, maybe even a half day Thursday, for a convention weekend. But with all the cons I was going to, it felt like I was using all my PTO for conventions! Not to say you can’t “visit” the town that you’re in while at a convention, but it’s hard to really experience it. This summer, I want to take a Friday or Monday off to go out of town for something NOT related to cons. I haven’t a clue where yet – I’ve been to Austin so many times, but I never explored the outdoors aspect. (I love Houston, and while we have lots of city running paths, we don’t have the actual hiking areas that Austin does). Or maybe I’ll go somewhere completely new! Or even just enjoy a random three day weekend at home.

I feel like it’s cheating to make a list of goals that you’ve for the most part, well…already started, but hey. It’s starting to feel like summer in Houston, so I’m okay with it. 

What are your plans this summer? Anything new that’s you’ve never done before? Let me know!