My Dirty List of Fandom Confessions

Look guys, I have been a geek before conception – the nerdy community is the only world I have ever known. I’ve been going to conventions since I was nine and I honestly don’t know any other sort of environment, even with all the inevitable changes that have occurred in the geek world over the years. I don’t feel like I need to prove my geekyness by any means, but I definitely have some…confessions to get off my chest. 

I’ll be the first to admit that everyone is different and opinions are opinions! But there are some nerdy things that I feel are universal with everyone I have ever met – except for me.

So! To spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to list some abnormal, possibly straight up “unpopular”, fangirl confessions: 

Doctor Who - Van Gogh

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Why I’m Glad I Was Able To Stop Being “Anti-Girly Girl”

There are so many things in my life that remind me of my childhood – which may be deliberate, since I am still a Big Kid™ in most aspects of my life (Thanks, Dad!) I was looking into buying some retro consoles, which got me thinking about my old NES and Sega Genesis. Then my mind started wandering to other memories and how I ended up the person I am right now. That’s a vague and vast topic for one blog post, but one portion stuck out to me.

My early childhood was predominately 90s. Which, I have to say, was an awesome time to be a kid. We had the Disney Renaissance, the best toys, and those video games I want to play again! My parents divorced when I was really young and I ended up living most of the time with my dad – he didn’t grow up with girls, so he couldn’t help but influence me to like the sort of “boy things” he had as a kid. I do still remember the bright blue and pink aisles at Toys R Us, as well as lots of toy commercials with only boys or only girls, but honestly? My interests were pretty balanced in “gendered” topics. I loved glittery pink pegasus toys and I also really loved Mortal Kombat. I really wanted to be a mermaid or a faerie, but I also wanted to swordfight. I have zero memory of being told what or what not to like as a kid. 

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The All-Time “Toughest” Disney Tag

I can’t believe it’s already April?! I’m happy to say I’ve been finding a balance between working on upcoming projects and just doing nothing all weekend when I can. Life has been pretty content, and while I continue to explore every inch of Breath of the Wild, I didn’t want to forget this corner of the internet that is my blog!

I recently found the cutest Disney blog, Courage and Kindness, and found this Disney related questionnaire – I’ve seen plenty of Disney tags before, all with the same ol’ questions, but this one is different! 

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Get To Know Me Tag – 21 Questions

I had been toying around with the idea of getting a blog for years. I had dabbled in Livejournal and other blogging sites for the majority of my teenage life and always enjoyed having a little piece of the internet to call my own before social media really began to take off. The main reason I went for the plunge on starting Call Me Peony was to have all of my hobbies in one central place with links to other parts of the internet that I lingered in. While this blog is still new, I have to remember that not everyone reading it may know much about me! This blog is always about having a spot for tutorials, walkthroughs, commentary and overall content for my readers, but it’s still my personal blog! So I figured it was time to talk about me for a bit! I decided to Google some ‘Get To Know Me’ tag questions and these were the most interesting.


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