Ways to Save (And Earn Back!) Money Spent on Cosplays

Happy Saturday, everyone! I’m getting mentally ready for A-KON coming up next weekend, and I’m taking advantage of this weekend’s Memorial Day Sale to get some fabric shopping done. Lately, I’ve been really trying to save money. And by that, I really mean trying not to waste money. Since I have minimal bills and no children to take care of, I make an okay salary for myself. I’m able to have a decent amount of “hobby money” – but I don’t want to blow it all if I don’t need to!

Cosplay can be an expensive hobby – it doesn’t seem that way until you start making one and seeing your bank account cry. Of course, you should never prioritize cosplay over rent money – but if you’re like me and you have a bit to spare, why not stretch it out as much as you can?

I’ve been addicted to Pinterest lately, finding lots of small ways to both save and earn money by doing things I already do. (Hufflepuffs make excellent finders, I like to dig around!) And as I started reading up on it and trying out these methods myself, I realized that although most of these “earn an extra $300/month” tricks were great for everyday things….they really could apply to cosplay and conventions as well.

Let me show you what I’ve learned and what I found!


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5 Simple Cosplay Ideas (For Sewing Newbies)

It’s absolutely wild to see how big cosplay has gotten since I started back in the mid 2000s. It’s no longer an underground hobby for super dedicated fans, who had to engineer props and costumes without the help of worbla or youtube tutorials. There’s so many resources for cosplayers now! But despite this, it can be intimidating to start. I feel like a lot of people think they need to learn how to sew with a serger and master EVA foam and cast resin in shapes that don’t exist in order to be a mediocre cosplayer.

I didn’t know how to sew until I decided I wanted to start cosplaying – I used my birthday money to buy a sewing machine, but that didn’t mean I magically knew how to use it or knew how to make patterns. But with a little creativity, you don’t even need a sewing machine! Lots of cosplays can be made using everyday clothes with very little alterations, a term I’ve heard called “closet cosplay”. If you’re wanting to go to a convention and participate in cosplay, but don’t have a sewing machine or don’t have time to learn to sew, here are some ideas on how to get started


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Con Prep 101 – Packing Smart & Easily Forgettable Essentials

The first post I had about convention advice was pretty general, but after going to a couple of conventions and getting the hang of how they are, you learn some tricks. Mainly, extra things you never thought about packing until it became really convenient to have. Conventions are really the only reason I travel anywhere and thus the only reason I pack, so I’ve had to learn some packing tricks and secrets to keep myself sane. (3 bags on a crowded elevator and a car four blocks away? No thanks).

We already know the obvious stuff that goes on every checklist – phone charger, money, fully charged 3DS, every safety pin you can find. So I’m going to assume you had those set. But there are a few things you might want to make sure you bring along, because you will probably want them the second you’re stuck in a hotel room.


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The Best Snacks For Surviving A Convention

Happy Saturday everyone! A lot of my friends are at PAX South right now and I’m a bit bummed I missed out on getting a badge before they sold out (I didn’t know they would! I’m so used to be able to get a badge up to the day of). In my previous post about tips for having a smooth convention experience, I mentioned the importance of eating well and bringing snacks. I highly recommend doing a grocery store run before going to the convention – this saves a lot of money from having to eat out for every meal. Now, when I first started going to cons when I was 18/19, I had my share of existing three days off of Red Bull, ramune and pocky – got old really fast! So, I’ve compiled a list of cheap and healthy snacks to stock your con room up with so you can spend more time (and money!) getting your nerd on.


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10 Tips on Having An Awesome Con Experience

Happy 2016! While Con Season is mostly a “summertime” event, it’s never too early to start getting ready! Here in Texas we have Pax South sneaking up soon, up north there’s Katsucon in a month, and plenty more all over the country. Conventions are getting more and more popular (and crowded!) every year, with lots of new attendees coming to see what the fuss is all about. It’s really easy to have a fun weekend buying merch from your favorite shows and seeing people dressed up as your favorite characters, but it can also be stressful and not-so-fun if you’re aren’t ready. Whether you’re a con newbie or have been to a few in the past, here’s some pointers on how to make the best of your con weekend.


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