Cosplay Breakdown – Belldandy Research Log!

Now that Pax South is over and I’ve had a bit of a chill break, I’m itching to start sewing. Even though I have a list of cosplays I want to make, none of them are inspiring me enough to start on! I’ve been watching a lot of Katsucon footage, which is always my go-to for cosplay inspiration, and over the course of a few days I have concluded the following:

I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head from any current shows/games, and I started to think back to the designs I loved from my first introduction of manga (CLAMP artbooks, ect). But, I started to get worried that those gowns I loved when I was twelve was just too “old school” and wouldn’t be recognized. Then, on a wildly productive and slightly non sober Monday night, the gears in my head started going crazy. She was the very first entry on my Dream Cosplay List and now, I’m about to make my thirteen-year-old self very very happy. I’m going to make Belldandy

I’m excited to finally chronicle an entire cosplay from start to finish, but first we have to make a plan!

Belldandy Goddess Cosplay Research

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How To Make A Quick Hobbity Hooded Cape!

Halloween is technically on a Monday, but let’s be honest- we are ALL celebrating next weekend! As for me, I told myself I wasn’t going to Renfest until the weather felt like autumn, and I can say that it’s finally feeling like jacket weather!

I’m working on a Thornwatch/Eyrewood cosplay and one of my favorite things about it is I finally get to have a hooded cape! It’s probably my favorite element of fantasywear – I’ve never had one and always thought I had to buy a nice one from someone else. But I snooped around for tutorials and ideas and voila! I made my own in a quick afternoon! While I probably won’t have the full cosplay for Renfest, I’ll have my cape, and that’s all I need to be in my own sort of paradise.

This is great for hobbits, rangers, elves, Red Riding Hoods, or anyone else that might want a magical cape! There’s not much time left to get ready for Halloween, and there are a lot of easy costumes you can make with just a cape! And I promise, it’s SUPER easy and won’t take long at ALL!

How to Make A Hooded Fantasy Cape

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Cosplay Breakdown – Casual Asami Sato (Book 2)

Wooooo!~ I am *SO* excited to finally start writing out how I make my cosplays – what patterns I used, the fabric I bought, and all the behind the scenes tricks I figured out! This is probably one of my favorite cosplays I’ve ever made – I love Asami, her color scheme, the jacket is really comfy and cute, and I think it’s one of the highest quality cosplays I’ve made thus far (it’s become a regular that I bring to almost every con, which I never did before!)

This outfit isn’t seen as much as her action motorcycle jacket outfits, but it always looked like something I would wear in my everyday life. The only thing I really needed to make from scratch was the jacket, and that isn’t so hard! I tried to take as many WIP shots along the way so anyone else making this exact costume can see my thought process!

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