Summer 2017 Goals

BOY it’s been a wild year so far…I can’t believe it’s almost June? There’s been so much happening lately that I keep forgetting to blog about. A few weeks ago, I went to Havencon in Austin, one of my favorite small conventions to visit and support! It’s a LBGT-focused nerd con that just finished it’s third year and has probably the nicest crowd of geeks I’ve ever encountered. (Three Words: Cosplay. Drag. Show).

Then I went into con crunch mode for the first time, making props for the first time, for Comicpalooza this past weekend! I hung out with the creator of Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe (which you should ALL read RIGHT. NOW) and I feel like we are basically best friends now. (He signed my shield, so it’s official.)

(Left: My Asami at Havencon // Right: Rat Queens debut at Comicpalooza!)

Can we take a moment to appreciate my cosplay partner-in-crime RenFamous? She built most of her Hannah in a hotel out of state while on a work trip. Hashtag motivation goals.

In addition to all that, this past weekend was one of my favorite non-cosplay related events, Eurovision! It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and everything has just flown by over my head. Whew!

One change this year – I’m not going to my regular summer conventions. I actually feel zero guilt about skipping AKon or AFest this year (they’ve started to just blend together in my head?), and I probably won’t go to a convention until Labor Day Weekend. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s strange, these are conventions I haven’t skipped ever since I first went to them – so, like…7 years? Gosh. 

But! This means I have an ENTIRE summer open for me to do other things! I’ve seen other bloggers make “Monthly Goal Posts” – I had so much going on, I didn’t feel a need to do it monthly. Instead, here are some goals I have for the summer that I hope to accomplish!

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Everything I Can’t Wait For In 2017 + Resolutions!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 2016 has been….interesting, to say the least. It was a bit of a letdown for me overall, I’m trying to think of good things that happened and I’m just reminded of all the bad things of 2016. So instead, I’m going to make a list of all the things I’m looking forward to – plus some personal resolutions at the end!

Image Source: Kotaku

PAX South (Jan 27-29)

Last year I meant to go to PAX South in San Antonio for the first time – but badges sold out! All the conventions I’d ever been to you could buy badges the day of, so I was not prepared for badges being limited for PAX. (Instead, that weekend I started this blog! One good thing in 2016 so far) I’m excited to go to a convention that is not centered on anime and Japanese trends, but more into games and demos! 

Game of Thrones Season 7 (Summer 2017)

Alright, so I just finished the GoT Telltale PC game – boy, was that a stressful way to unwind from work. Stressful but addicting! It really got me hyped about the world of Westeros again. Normally new seasons start in April-ish, but with a lot more winter-y scenes needed, they’re going to film longer and air the next season in summer 2017. I. Am. Ready. I still get goosebumps when I think about the big moments of last season and I’m really excited to feel that adrenaline rush on Sunday evenings. 

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My Ultimate Fangirl Bucket List

For some reason, around this time of year where it’s not quite the end, I start getting excited for the new year. (I know, we have two holidays to get through first!) I never make resolutions really, I’d rather make specific goals than generic things like “I will eat healthier this year”. Instead, I look forward to events I plan on attempting to do in the new year, like “graduating college” or “visiting a new state.”

So for some reason, while in this state of mind, I thought about all the nerdy things I wanted to do in my lifetime. I know there’s plenty on my list, but none of it is written down! So I decided to take the time and list all the things I want to do – and since 95% of those things are something geeky related, I might as well just compile a Bucket List with a Fangirl spin on it!

I’m not fully a witch without a wand!

Here is everything I’ve thought up – maybe I’ll be able to cross some off in 2017?

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How To Make A Quick Hobbity Hooded Cape!

Halloween is technically on a Monday, but let’s be honest- we are ALL celebrating next weekend! As for me, I told myself I wasn’t going to Renfest until the weather felt like autumn, and I can say that it’s finally feeling like jacket weather!

I’m working on a Thornwatch/Eyrewood cosplay and one of my favorite things about it is I finally get to have a hooded cape! It’s probably my favorite element of fantasywear – I’ve never had one and always thought I had to buy a nice one from someone else. But I snooped around for tutorials and ideas and voila! I made my own in a quick afternoon! While I probably won’t have the full cosplay for Renfest, I’ll have my cape, and that’s all I need to be in my own sort of paradise.

This is great for hobbits, rangers, elves, Red Riding Hoods, or anyone else that might want a magical cape! There’s not much time left to get ready for Halloween, and there are a lot of easy costumes you can make with just a cape! And I promise, it’s SUPER easy and won’t take long at ALL!

How to Make A Hooded Fantasy Cape

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Singing Knights and Anime on Ice! – My Current Favorite Loves


As I expected, October is putting me in the best mood. Just a few drops down in temperature has made me so less grumpy – I have all this energy to do things with friends and I’m less stressed about everything. October kind of started out crappy, actually – I got into a minor car accident and although thankfully I am fine (just a bit shook up!) my car is rather ugly on the side, and I’m eager to put her in the car hospital next week. (My weekend was going TOO WELL it seems!) Work has also been a headache as I learn to actually act like a supervisor, which makes me feel like “the bad guy” a lot of times. But I can say that the following has helped me feel a whole let better – so here is a list of what I’m currently loving!


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