Singing Knights and Anime on Ice! – My Current Favorite Loves


As I expected, October is putting me in the best mood. Just a few drops down in temperature has made me so less grumpy – I have all this energy to do things with friends and I’m less stressed about everything. October kind of started out crappy, actually – I got into a minor car accident and although thankfully I am fine (just a bit shook up!) my car is rather ugly on the side, and I’m eager to put her in the car hospital next week. (My weekend was going TOO WELL it seems!) Work has also been a headache as I learn to actually act like a supervisor, which makes me feel like “the bad guy” a lot of times. But I can say that the following has helped me feel a whole let better – so here is a list of what I’m currently loving!


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May 2016 Favorites


I can’t believe it’s already May! Seasons in Texas are a bizarre experience – in theory, I love Spring! And so far, spring has brought us lots of rain/flooding but strangely enough, it felt like October this past week. The only problem with spring is that it is a cautionary reminder that it won’t last much longer. Summer is coming. 

One of my favorite subjects with lifestyle blogs is Favorites Post – just things you really like currently! So this is what I’ve been wasting my brain power on recently


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Best Introduction Animes For First Time Watchers

Years ago, I dated a guy via a friend of a friend at an anime convention that like me, very obviously loved anime. We eventually parted ways romantically but still stayed friends and still hung out together at conventions. At one con recently, he started talking about his new girlfriend who was really into Western geek stuff but hadn’t checked out anime yet. Now, I (and many people my age) were introduced to anime from the Toonami days – Sailor Moon and DBZ, then Outlaw Star and Tenchi Muyo!, with Adult Swim coming along with even more anime that really made me realize that animation was a media for storytelling, not a “kid’s only” exclusive means of entertainment.

But at this moment I realized – not everyone grew up with those shows when they were 13! It’s so natural that I grew up loving anime because I feel like those shows were accessible to me at just the right time/age. This got my ex and I talking about what shows to introduce to her and really for anyone that is wanting to watch anime for the first time.

There’s a LOT of different styles and types of anime – you have the “classics everyone should watch” and “the unknown gems that never got subbed”. For the sake of keeping one’s interest, I haven’t included any epic saga that has spanned almost a decade and episode counts in the hundreds or is 90% filler/”Monster of the Week” episodes (sorry, InuYasha!) The following list might not have every staple in anime history and certainly isn’t a “Best Anime of All Time” list, but are some shows I recommend watching just to get your (or your friend’s!) feet in the water.

1. Cowboy Bepop


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My Favorite Spotify Playlists

Don’t ask me why, but I got onto the Spotify bandwagon REALLY LATE. I used Pandora for a while (still great!) and dabbled with iTunes Radio (always seemed to play the same 10 songs!) I am perfectly fine with working in complete silence, but I feel most comfortable with some sort of background noise going on. Normally I’ll put on Netflix, but there are only so many shows I’ve seen ten times and don’t need to actually watch. Spotify seems to have the perfect playlist (sometimes more than just one!) for every mood, situation or occasion. While I haven’t listened to all of them, here are some of my favorite defaults


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