Adopting Healthy Habits While Staying Mentally Happy


Geez, what a week! Sometimes I don’t have a particularly “busy week”, but I’m still forgetting what year it is by the time the work week is over. This has been a rather lazy Saturday for me (Thank God!) and I’m finally able to start getting some more blog posts ready.

Since this is a new blog and many of you might not know me yet – a few years ago, I changed my bad lifestyle habits and fell in love with working out and being healthy (you can read the whole story here!) I showed off my Before/After progress and a lot of people online asked all the questions I once asked – how did you do it? What did you eat? How can I do it? And I’ve been wanting to detail everything I did in order to help others on their journey, but there’s one aspect I want to start out with before I get into workout schedules and calorie plans. Remaining¬†mentally healthy while you start out.¬†

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