Decor/Accessories for Science Geeks that I NEED ASAP!

Hi everyone! Even though the holidays are over, there’s always birthdays, anniversaries, and all sorts of other reasons to buy gifts for someone in your life (or for yourself!) I have several friends who range from ‘also majored in STEM’ to ‘just like science in general’, but while I was looking for gift ideas for Christmas, I honestly just found a lot of things I wanted to buy for myself! So here’s a list of what I found that I really want to own eventually (for a reasonably low cost!)

product (c) MiniGeekBoutiqueUK on Etsy

Kawaii Science Mug by MiniGeekBoutiqueUK ($9.53) 

I don’t know which of my friends started it, but everyone started to get me mugs for my birthday/Christmas, so now I’m an accidental mug collector! Which is fine with me, I’m starting to get addicted to finding cute mugs. I can’t say no to cute science puns either – be sure to check this shop out, lots of little goodies for sale!

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