Ravenclaw Fashion + Decor (Under $75!)


Hello everyone! This has been a weird week – there was a lot of flooding in Houston to the point where we decided it was best to close the lab on Monday (and make today a half day, more rain is coming!). Everything is fine where I live, which was nice because that meant I could get ready for Havencon this weekend! I’ll never turn down a paid day off to listen to the rain in my pajamas.

Anyhoo! I used this week to recharge and since I’m busy thinking about this weekend, I decided to work on my Ravenclaw fashion post! This House is normally seen as “the smartypants” house, the geeks of Hogwarts. It’s true that Ravenclaws have a hunger for knowledge, but I also think they are the most creative students! To me Ravenclaws are not only booksmart, but like to think outside the box while still looking at things practically. I like to think of them as the engineers and renaissance artists of Hogwarts!

For this fashion post, I went with themes of navy, feathers, and astronomy. Like my Hufflepuff and Slytherin posts before, everything here is under $75!


Women’s Eagle Sweater ($40) – ScoutMob

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Slytherin Fashion & Decor (Under $75!)


Hey everyone! I’m super stoked for the weekend….I can’t believe Easter already happened and it’s just now April? I felt like I got barely anything done last weekend, although I am prepping myself to work on cosplay and the beginning blueprints for an Etsy store, which I’m really excited about. (Let’s just say I have a lot of ‘party planning’ energy that I need to tap into asap, and if a bunch of young moms want to spend a few bucks on having cute Pinterest-y invites, I’m more than willing to help with that). But anyway!

So a little while ago I started this fandom fashion series with my own house, Hufflepuff. And like any good Huff, for some reason I am just surrounded in Slytherin friends! I feel really weird that I didn’t jump on the Slytherin train, I just missed that memo growing up. Weren’t they the bad guys? But as I got older and really looked at these personality types, I think Slytherins are by far the most elegant of the houses. I like to think of sleek business offices, expensive coffee and dim lit mansions when I think of Slytherins.

I didn’t use any keywords when looking up this list, but I did want to stick to snake motifs and darker greens (as opposed to pastel minty green that seems to be really popular this year. It is Spring, I guess!) I don’t think you can ever escape the slight gothic-y vibe, even though we all know not every Slytherin is evil! (But maybe just a bit more….spooky). Like last time, everything here is under $75!


Tricks of the Trade Forest Green Maxi Dress ($68) – LuLu’s

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Hufflepuff Fashion + Decor (Under $75!)


Hey everyone! Today I am starting off a series I’ve been wanting to do for a while – a post of fashion and home items that remind me of a particular fandom! Partially inspired by the phenomenon of Disneybound, I’ve been planning something like this for my future TBD trip to one of the Wizarding World parks. Obviously, fans find this a great excuse to dress in the House Robes of their choice, but I want to instead wear cute Hufflepuff inspired outfits every day that I am at the parks! (I even made a Pinterest board to inspire me, ahhh!)

I love a story that has different types of character classification (like the Hogwarts Houses, the Naruto village clans or the Avatar The Last Airbender countries) that have a color, element or mascot theme. Often times these different categories also involve personality traits, which can be expressed through fashion and decor. For instance, Slytherins are known for being ambitious and cunning – this brings to my mind a successful business woman in dark colored pencil skirts and confident emerald heels who would have a sleek and sophisticated office space. A Gryffindor would be flashy and loud and the center of the room, while a Ravenclaw may be more practical and modest. But the fun part is all of these are from your own impression, so not everyone’s is the same!

Naturally, I have to start with my own House, Hufflepuff. The keywords I used to compile this post were comfort, earthy, sunny, bright with a heavy nature/plant theme. Hufflepuffs are friends with everyone and like to create a warm, happy environment. I feel like the biggest Hufflepuff in the world, and here are my picks for a Hufflepuff inspired life. Best part? Every thing on this is list is under $75!

36513067_079_dBDG Dani Sweater in Yellow ($29) – Urban Outfitters 

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In Defense of Ginny Weasley


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware of “girl hate” (whether it’s being catty to each other or comparing yourself to other girls or just downright a lack of positive female relationships) and by doing that, I’ve become very protective of my fellow ladies. I’ve become especially protective of fictional gals too – even though they aren’t real breathing people, they represent ideas and give off messages as well as connect with real girls who may relate to them on a personal level. And for a while I’ve been thinking about one character that I just wish had a different storyline – Ginny Weasley.

Now, I’m not going to ramble on about how she’s “really an amazing character!!” and “Haters gonna hate!” I agree, her story in the later books is garbage. Her entire identity is thrown out the window. But that’s what I want to remind you all about and discuss, because Ginny’s role is, in my opinion, interesting to break down.

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