Things I Learned From The Sailor Scouts

I’ve been thinking about Sailor Moon a lot lately. Okay, maybe it’s because I’m going to be a part of a cosplay group (a whole complete group!!) and I’ve never cosplayed anything from PSSM before (isn’t that sort of a cosplayer requirement?). A few years ago, I ventured into properly reading all of the original manga – which is much more intense, much darker and a hell of a lot more magical than I remember the show being. This series is incredible, and you don’t need to be a pre-teen to appreciate it. I actually appreciate it far more as a woman in my 20s, and started a new hobby of mine where I revisit things of my childhood with an adult’s viewpoint (spoilers, it’s pretty mindblowing).

The problem with Sailor Moon is that even with its powerful place in anime history, it’s still tossed aside as a ‘silly story for girls’. Sure, there’s colorful transformation scenes and dreamy romance is a huge part of the story. But it’s a fantastic story of growing up, and I mean really going through tough times and decisions, and over the years I’ve found something to love in each of the Scouts in their own way. Since my memory isn’t so fresh with the storylines of the later eras (which I’m fixing!), I’m only going to focus on the Inner Senshi Five.


The original squad

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