Summer 2017 Goals

BOY it’s been a wild year so far…I can’t believe it’s almost June? There’s been so much happening lately that I keep forgetting to blog about. A few weeks ago, I went to Havencon in Austin, one of my favorite small conventions to visit and support! It’s a LBGT-focused nerd con that just finished it’s third year and has probably the nicest crowd of geeks I’ve ever encountered. (Three Words: Cosplay. Drag. Show).

Then I went into con crunch mode for the first time, making props for the first time, for Comicpalooza this past weekend! I hung out with the creator of Rat Queens, Kurtis Wiebe (which you should ALL read RIGHT. NOW) and I feel like we are basically best friends now. (He signed my shield, so it’s official.)

(Left: My Asami at Havencon // Right: Rat Queens debut at Comicpalooza!)

Can we take a moment to appreciate my cosplay partner-in-crime RenFamous? She built most of her Hannah in a hotel out of state while on a work trip. Hashtag motivation goals.

In addition to all that, this past weekend was one of my favorite non-cosplay related events, Eurovision! It’s been a busy few weeks for me, and everything has just flown by over my head. Whew!

One change this year – I’m not going to my regular summer conventions. I actually feel zero guilt about skipping AKon or AFest this year (they’ve started to just blend together in my head?), and I probably won’t go to a convention until Labor Day Weekend. I’m pretty excited about that! It’s strange, these are conventions I haven’t skipped ever since I first went to them – so, like…7 years? Gosh. 

But! This means I have an ENTIRE summer open for me to do other things! I’ve seen other bloggers make “Monthly Goal Posts” – I had so much going on, I didn’t feel a need to do it monthly. Instead, here are some goals I have for the summer that I hope to accomplish!

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My 2017 Cosplay Resolutions!

I’m only 3 days into 2017 and I’m still hyped about this “fresh start” feeling that only a new year gives me. A few days ago, I posted a generic Resolutions post about what I want to do overall, but then I started thinking about what I wanted to do cosplay-wise!  One of my overall generic resolutions for the year was to “make cosplays I’m proud of.” I want to take the time to make a few really outstanding outfits that are either really comfortable and durable to wear multiple times or push me outside my comfort zone. That being said, I figured this needed it’s own sub-list!

  • Work with Worbla – I bought a small amount of Worbla a while back, invested in a heat gun and really enjoyed playing around with the material! Crafts/props has never been my strong point, but I think Worbla is worth the money for how easy it is to work with. I have a ~secret crossover project~ for 2017 that I’m going to make just a little bit of armor for. 
  • Learn Draping – draping is where you pin fabric directly to a dress dummy and “sculpt” a garment! I learn visually and hands on, so while I’m not afraid to do math, just measuring out a pattern on paper is difficult for me. I can’t visualize it in 3D as well as I could on a mannequin! 
  • Invest In A Better Sewing Machine – not really a resolution, more of a “to-do!” I still use the first sewing machine I ever purchased when I was 18. It’s still in great working condition, but not as advanced as I wish it was! It’s time to upgrade!
  • Line My Garments – I take so many shortcuts so that the outside looks “perfect” while the inside looks horrible. Lining and taking better care of the steps I take when finishing my cosplay takes extra time, but I really need to do it from now on!

So there are my cosplay goals for 2017! I am excited to look back in December and see how well I did. What about you, any goals you have in mind for your cosplay plans? Let me know in the comments! 

The Curious Case of the ‘Outgoing Introvert”


I have always loved taking personality quizzes out of boredom for fun (anyone remember Quizilla?) Things like “What is your element type?” “What sort of mythical creature are you?” – the only thing I could never get down for sure was the famous Myers-Briggs test. I felt like everytime I took it, I got a different result. Every situation the question asked for my opinion of action, I could go either way. It always depended on my daily mood – sometimes I wanted to spend my Friday night at a party, and sometimes I wanted to spend it alone on my couch with a movie and snacks. I can start up small talk if I need to, if the situation calls for it, but do I do it naturally? Automatically? Absolutely not, I keep to myself by default. I took it again tonight, and the result so far is I’m a INFJ. But I’ve been am ISFJ and ENFJ in the past – and when I read other types, there are others I feel I connect with more. Like horoscopes, I feel like anyone can identify with any result they get.

Now, knowing which personality type isn’t going to change who I am – it isn’t set in stone and it won’t tell me what career path to take or let me know what sort of destiny the stars have determined for me. But again, it’s fun! And it’s interesting, and I’ve been annoyed at not having a solid answer.

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Get To Know Me Tag – 21 Questions

I had been toying around with the idea of getting a blog for years. I had dabbled in Livejournal and other blogging sites for the majority of my teenage life and always enjoyed having a little piece of the internet to call my own before social media really began to take off. The main reason I went for the plunge on starting Call Me Peony was to have all of my hobbies in one central place with links to other parts of the internet that I lingered in. While this blog is still new, I have to remember that not everyone reading it may know much about me! This blog is always about having a spot for tutorials, walkthroughs, commentary and overall content for my readers, but it’s still my personal blog! So I figured it was time to talk about me for a bit! I decided to Google some ‘Get To Know Me’ tag questions and these were the most interesting.


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