How To Make A Quick Hobbity Hooded Cape!

Halloween is technically on a Monday, but let’s be honest- we are ALL celebrating next weekend! As for me, I told myself I wasn’t going to Renfest until the weather felt like autumn, and I can say that it’s finally feeling like jacket weather!

I’m working on a Thornwatch/Eyrewood cosplay and one of my favorite things about it is I finally get to have a hooded cape! It’s probably my favorite element of fantasywear – I’ve never had one and always thought I had to buy a nice one from someone else. But I snooped around for tutorials and ideas and voila! I made my own in a quick afternoon! While I probably won’t have the full cosplay for Renfest, I’ll have my cape, and that’s all I need to be in my own sort of paradise.

This is great for hobbits, rangers, elves, Red Riding Hoods, or anyone else that might want a magical cape! There’s not much time left to get ready for Halloween, and there are a lot of easy costumes you can make with just a cape! And I promise, it’s SUPER easy and won’t take long at ALL!

How to Make A Hooded Fantasy Cape

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