The All-Time “Toughest” Disney Tag

I can’t believe it’s already April?! I’m happy to say I’ve been finding a balance between working on upcoming projects and just doing nothing all weekend when I can. Life has been pretty content, and while I continue to explore every inch of Breath of the Wild, I didn’t want to forget this corner of the internet that is my blog!

I recently found the cutest Disney blog, Courage and Kindness, and found this Disney related questionnaire – I’ve seen plenty of Disney tags before, all with the same ol’ questions, but this one is different! 


1. Who is your all-time favorite Disney animator, and why?

This is so hard NOT to say Glen Keane. I feel like he was always the one to give interviews and demos and growing up watching a lot of BTS features on DVDs, he was kind of like my first animation teacher. 

2. What Disney era is your all-time favorite, and why? (i.e Golden Age, Renaissance etc.)
Renaissance! I feel like every movie from that era is a hit, a classic. Other eras have a few good movies mixed with some okay ones.

3. If Walt Disney were alive and you were allowed to ask him ONE question, but ONE question only, what would you ask him?
I can’t think of anything in particular, but I think I’d ask him something about what he thinks of computer animation – like “Hey, look what we made!”

4. Who is your all-time favorite Disney director, and why?
I have to go with Musker/Clements, but that’s because for a dorky reason, they both remind me of my dad and his love of Hawaiian “business casual” shirts

5. What is your all-time favorite Disney song, and why?

Okay, I KNOW I’m supposed to only pick one, but I can’t. “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” could be on loop for 10 hours and I’d be fine. But I also have to make an honorable mention to “I See The Light” – y’all, seriously. I would get married to that one. 

6. If you were forced to erase ONE Disney movie from history, which would you pick, and why?
I’m only going to go with animated features, oh gosh. Home on the Range? IT’S HORRIBLE and killed the traditional animation studio. (Yeah, I’m bitter)

7. Which Disney Park from around the world is your all-time favorite, and what makes it stand out from the others to you?

I’ve only been to Disneyland and Disneyworld, and I think I would have to go with Disneyworld because I was there for almost a week when I was little, so I saw EVERYTHING. I haven’t had a truly “complete” Disneyland experience, but I want to soon! It’s in California, so that’s a plus. However, all my fond childhood memories of the parks are from Disneyworld, so it wins.

8. You have only 30 mins to spend in Disneyland before you’re magically whisked back home by a portal. What do you do with that time?
I don’t think I would ride any rides, but I’d find face characters to interact with, I really want to mess with Gaston and chat with the Wicked Stepsisters! I also want to finally have one of those Dole Whips everyone is yelling about.

9. You get to choose ONE Disney heroine to join the official line of Disney Princesses, Who do you choose and why?

Kida! She’s so wonderful and so forgotten! 

10. Speaking of Disney Princesses… One will need to be demoted from the franchise to replace with the new heroine. Which existing princess would you remove from the franchise, and why?

Geez, this is so hard. I want to say Mulan, because she isn’t technically royalty. But she is important! I feel like maybe Merida, I don’t think she would mind not being a princess.

11. What is your all-time favorite under-rated Disney movie, and why?
When they came out, I really adored Atlantis and Treasure Planet. Between the two, I’ve grown to love Atlantis even more over time. I feel like it’s a shame that it did so poorly – Atlantis broke a lot of Disney tropes (no musical numbers, ect) and I loved seeing that.

12. Which Disney villain do you feel is the most misunderstood and why?
I feel like for the most part, Disney villians make it obvious as to why they are so scummy. I do feel for Maleficent, she just wanted an invite! Can you imagine what sort of cool gift she would have given Aurora if she wasn’t rejected?

13. You can only choose ONE Disney animal to be your pet. Who do you choose, and why?
Pegasus! HE COULD FLY ME OVER TRAFFIC and I’d be the most magical girl around.

14. Who is the ONE Disney character you can relate to most, and why?
I think Rapunzel, I fell in love with her almost immediately. 

15. Finally, the toughest question of all… What is your favorite Disney movie of all time, and why?

Mulan. Everytime. There are a lot of close seconds, but this question is easy.

What answers would you guys have given? Did you agree with any of mine? Let me know!